Best Level to Farm Diamonds in Minecraft 2022

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The best level to farm diamonds in Minecraft depends on who you ask. Most agree that to find diamonds by strip mining, a player's efforts should be focused on Y-level -58ish.

Acquiring diamonds in the sandbox game is not just limited to mining. Different methods of diamond farming are as widespread and varied as the players who practice them. Most involve, like any good farm in Minecraft, some solid blocks, some Redstone, a couple of pistons, and a switch. There is of course, more to it than that, have a look below at Youtuber CTMC's simple approach.

Best Level to Farm Diamonds in Minecraft 2022

Another method of diamond farming in Minecraft actually involves farming emeralds and then trading them for diamonds with certain villager NPCs. It is a complex method, but definitely less time-consuming than manually mining, and less dangerous. Watch how Minecraft mega-guru Shulkercraft does it below.

With the recent release of v1.19.0, The Wild Update, on June 7, there have come a host of new features. One in particular, a new underground biome called the Deep Dark, is rumored to have diamonds aplenty. For more information on how to gather diamonds in the newest update, check out this video by YouTuber RealJayden.