Best Meta SMG Loadout in MW3 Warzone

Here's the best meta SMG loadout in MW3 Warzone.
Here's the best meta SMG loadout in MW3 Warzone. / @JGOD, screenshot by Amanda Langell

After just 24 hours on Urzikstan, Battle Royale players quickly realized an underrated submachine gun is the best meta SMG in MW3 Warzone.

Urzikstan ushered in a new age in Call of Duty: Warzone. The Battle Royale map features horizontal ziplines, a randomized Night Vision Gulag, and 11 POIs that encourage Verdansk-inspired gameplay. With so many Call of Duty fans returning to Warzone to explore the new environment, lobbies are sweatier than ever, and securing a victory is easier said than done. If you have the best weapons in the game, though, your chances at surviving the 100-player lobby increase significantly.

Here's the best meta SMG loadout in MW3 Warzone.

Best Meta SMG Loadout in MW3 Warzone

The best meta SMG in MW3 Warzone is the WSP Swarm. Although the WSP Swarm flew under the radar in multiplayer, it has quickly become the most popular SMG in Warzone Season 1.

Warzone content creator, James "JGOD" Godoy, revealed his WSP Swarm loadout in his latest YouTube video detailing the best guns on Urzikstan. Check out his build below.

  • Barrel: WSP Ruthless-L Barrel
  • Muzzle: Sonic Suppressor S
  • Stock: FSS Fortress Heavy Stock
  • Ammunition: 9mm Hollowpoint
  • Magazine: 50 Round Mag

Although JGOD cautions against the lack of range the WSP Swarm possesses, he shows just how quickly the weapons kills up-close. His loadout has "a little bit of a kick, but it does have a very solid fire rate as well."

If you have tuned into any professional Warzone player's stream, you have likely seen them running the WSP Swarm as their Secondary Weapon. Since the gun is not great from mid to long-range, though, players will want to run a different option for a sniper support weapon, like the Rival-9 SMG.

Best Rival-9 Loadout in MW3 Warzone

If you are looking to stick with a dominant multiplayer weapon in Warzone Season 1, then you should use the Rival-9 SMG. Although it is not as broken as the WSP Swarm, the Rival-9 is the next best option for close-range engagements on Urzikstan, and has better range than the WSP Swarm.

Here's the best Rival-9 loadout in MW3 Warzone.

  • Barrel: Rival-C Clearshot Barrel
  • Muzzle: ELR Blackfire Compensator
  • Stock: MTZ Marauder Stock
  • Rear Grip: Rival Vice Assault Grip
  • Magazine: 40 Round Mag