Best Moveset for Altaria in Pokemon GO

We've figured out the absolute best moveset for Altaria in Pokemon GO.
We've figured out the absolute best moveset for Altaria in Pokemon GO. / Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company

Trainers are trying to figure out the absolute best moveset for Altaria in Pokemon GO.

Trainers who evolved their Swablu into Altaria during or immediately following the May Community Day event will have guaranteed Moonblast as their charged move. Some, however, have other plans for their Pokemon. Altaria is one of the most difficult Pokemon to obtain thanks to its massive candy threshold. It makes sense that trainers would want to get the most out of a Pokemon that requires such a high level of effort to evolve.

Best Moveset for Altaria in Pokemon GO

Altaria is a dragon and flying-type from the Hoenn region. It, like other rare and powerful non-legendary Pokemon such as Gyrados, requires 400 candies to evolve. The wait does appear to be somewhat worth it, however, thanks to its stats:

  • Maximum CP: 2266
  • Attack stat: 141
  • Defense stat: 201
  • Stamina stat: 181
  • HP total: 165

This Pokemon is strongest against grass and ground-types, with resistance to bug, fighting, water and fire-types. It bears a significant weakness to ice-types with similar vulnerability to rock, fairy, and other dragon-types.

Due to its dual-typing, trainers can afford to have moves of two different types with Altaria. Its best moveset includes the quick move Dragon Breath and the charged move Sky Attack. Both of these will benefit from the 20% damage bonus from the Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) condition.

Altaria can do 11.8 points of damage per second with this set.

Dragon Breath prompts quicker and superior standalone DPS makes it the better choice over Altaria's other quick move, Peck. It also provides an opportunity to build energy swifter, leading to more charged attacks.

Sky Attack has two bars of charge, allowing trainers to perform a charged attack twice in a row. It procs more often than Altaria's other choices—Dazzling Gleam and Dragon Pulse.

Trainers will find the most success with Altaria in an offensive position. It performs well in the Great League against neutral-type opponents and its extra defense works well as a foil to other tier powerhouses. Thanks to the level 50 update, Altaria is eligible to participate in the UItra League, but is easily outclassed by Dragonite.