Best Moveset for Beedrill in Pokemon GO

Beedrill's best moveset may have been affected by the new in-game event
Beedrill's best moveset may have been affected by the new in-game event / The Pokemon Company

The Best moveset for Beedrill in Pokemon GO may have changed in accordance with Weedle's recent in-game feature.

Weedle was recently featured as the newest face of Niantic Labs' in-game event, Pokemon GO Community Day on June 20. The event took place between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. with the recent quarantine-specific rules in effect. As with most Community Days, Weedle had the chance to appear shiny and any captured for the duration of the event got a unique Charged Move upon evolution. The move for Weedle—and, by extension, its evolved form Beedrill—is Drill Run.

Best Moveset for Beedrill Pokemon GO

The best moveset for Beedrill often focused on its bug and poison dual typing. Its most lucrative Quick Moves included Poison Jab, Infestation, and Bug Bite while the Charged Moves were Sludge Bomb and X-Scissor.

It goes without saying that Beedrill was typically not considered a serious contender in GO Battle League matches or competitive content. Now, however, trainers are changing their tune with the inclusion of the ground-type move Drill Run into Beedrill's move pool.

Drill Run is a potent counter to the two biggest contenders in the Great League, Azumarill and Registeel. Additionally, this move could pose a threat to fire and rock types which previously would've made quick work of Beedrill.

Beedrill has a CP ceiling of 1846, an attack stat of 169, defense of 130, and stamina of 163. Its maximum HP is 140.