Best Moveset Porygon Z Pokemon GO: How to Dominate After Community Day

Best moveset for Porygon Z in Pokemon GO brings this digital Pokemon into the modern age
Best moveset for Porygon Z in Pokemon GO brings this digital Pokemon into the modern age / Niantic Labs

Best moveset Porygon Z Pokemon GO is a popular topic after its pre-evolved form, Porygon, was featured in the Sunday, Sept. 20, Community Day event.

Porygon first made an appearance in the Kanto region as part of the original 151. Its PokeDex number is 137. Trainers could obtain Porygon as a prize for winning coins from the Rocket Game Corner in the mainstream games. Porygon2 was introduced in the Johto region with the PokeDex number 233. In Pokemon GO, Porygon can be evolved into Porygon2 with 25 candies and the Upgrade item.

It has always been a pure normal-type and, as such, as a dire weakness to fighting-types.

Best Moveset Porygon Z Pokemon GO

Porygon Z's best moveset includes the quick move Lock-On and the charged move Hyper Beam. The quick move Hidden Power may also be useful. Lock-On does one damage, Hidden Power does 15, and Hyper Beam does 150.

From a pure number's standpoint, some trainers may look at this setup and go with Hidden Power over Lock-On. What they may be forgetting is that the key to battling is not only a powerful quick move—but also a swift build to the charged move. Lock-On builds faster to Hyper Beam and, therefore, will do more damage in the long-run.

Regardless of choice, it's important to stick to normal-type moves for the extra same-type attack bonus in battle.

Porygon Z has a CP ceiling of 3266. Its attack stat is 264, defense is 150, and stamina is 198. It has a hitpoint total of 168. Trainers can evolve Porygon Z from Porygon2 with the use of 100 candies and a Sinnoh stone. Its PokeDex number is 474 as it originates from the Sinnoh region.