Best MW3 Weapons to Level Up Before Warzone Urzikstan Comes Out

Here's the best MW3 weapons to level up before Warzone 3.0.
Here's the best MW3 weapons to level up before Warzone 3.0. / Activision

Before Call of Duty: Warzone 3.0 drops in December, players must level up certain MW3 weapons to dominate the Battle Royale come launch day.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launched with 114 weapons, full of returning Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 guns and new options in MW3. The meta is quickly taking shape in multiplayer, with five broken weapons reigning supreme on the game's remastered maps. The more matches fans play, the quicker they can level up certain weapons.

With Warzone 3.0 coming in MW3 Season 1, it is crucial to not only level up the best guns for multiplayer, but for Warzone as well. Here's the best MW3 weapons to max out before the next Warzone update.

Best MW3 Weapons to Level Up Before Warzone 3.0

Check out the three best MW3 weapons to unlock and level up before Warzone 3.0 drops next month.

1. Bas-B Battle Rifle

As of now, it is looking like the Bas-B Battle Rifle is set to take over Warzone 3.0. The Bas-B's fast TTK and accuracy has the potential to be the next OP Battle Rifle in Warzone after the Cronen Squall dominated most of Warzone 2.0.

Warzone content creator, Sally Is a Dog, explained, "It has a 45-round mag, making it the perfect gun for Warzone." The weapon will be unmatched in mid and long-range engagements on Urzikstan.

To unlock the Bas-B, players must reach Level 17. Then, they can begin the leveling up grind.

2. MTZ-556 Assault Rifle

The MTZ-556 is another weapon primed to excel in the Battle Royale. The assault rifle is one of the best in the game, behind only the Holger 556 and MCW. Despite the other ARs having a slightly faster TTK and better range, the MTZ-556 is the perfect sniper support gun for Warzone 3.0.

Sally Is a Dog describes the MTZ-556 as a combination of the ISO Hemlock and the M13B. Both assault rifles topped the meta at various points in Warzone 2.0, making the MTZ-556 a likely candidate for one of the best Warzone weapons in MW3.

Plus, the MTZ-556 comes with a 50 Round Drum, giving players plenty of bullets to eliminate multiple enemies before reloading. To unlock the 50 Round Drum, players must level the assault rifle to Level 16 or complete 2 Daily Challenges.

3. Rival-9 SMG

The Rival-9 SMG will be the best close-range gun in Warzone 3.0. The SMG already usurped the Striker in the SMG meta, and there will likely not be another weapon with a better TTK before Warzone 3.0 drops.

The Striker will still be a solid option on Urzikstan, but recent nerfs at launch, including decreased maximum damage range, medium damage, ADS time, and more, make it the second best of MW3's close-range weapons.

To unlock the Rival-9, you must reach Level 25 and then complete three daily challenges to get the Rival-9.