Best Offensive Playbook Madden 23: AFC and NFC

Best Offensive Playbook Madden 23: AFC and NFC
Best Offensive Playbook Madden 23: AFC and NFC / EA

Defense might win championships, but offense is where players have fun in Madden 23. In order to have success in the game, here are a few playbooks to use while on offense.

While you might have a favorite team to play as in Madden 23, the playbook is still a big question for a lot of players. Choosing an alternate playbook could be the difference of winning and losing, and we have you covered with a few options on offense.

Best Offensive Playbook Madden 23: NFC

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles playbooks has a lot of fun options for players. Some plays highlight the skill and speed of your tight end, and a lot of cool options for the quarterback. However, the main reason it is on this list is because of one important play. The Philly Special can be found in the Eagles' playbook.

With it, your quarterback completes a handoff only to run then to the open side of the field away from the play. After a quick lob over to a wide receiver running in the opposite direction as the running back, you can throw the ball to your quarterback down the field for a few-yard gain. This play is great in a red-zone situation, like how the Eagles have used it in the Super Bowl.

Best Offensive Playbook Madden 23: AFC

Baltimore Ravens

In the AFC, you cannot go wrong with the Baltimore Ravens offense. The Ravens have a very well rounded offense. They can throw the ball and have a lot of great plays for your running backs in the game. If that was not enough, their quarterback is a great runner as well so they have plays in place to isolate that skill. One play I am a big fan of is RPO Trap Alert Screen. Players have a lot of different options on that one play from targeting a wide receiver on the side to even throwing the ball to your running back who goes up to help cover on the screen.

Madden 23 is all about scoring points at the end of the day. Using an offense that can help you put points on the board is the best way to be successful in the game.