Best PCI in MLB The Show 23

Sony San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 23 is available now and players, both new and returning, are trying to find the best PCI settings.

PCI, or Plate Coverage Indicator, is the tool players use while batting with the Zone Hitting Interface. There are multiple customization options including the display, color, fadeout settings and more. Creating the best PCI comes down to player preference, especially when tied into the player's preferred hitting view. As well, there's a new Bat PCI in MLB The Show 23 that offers something completely different from others in the game.

Here's how to find the best PCI in MLB The Show 23.

Best PCI in MLB The Show 23

The best PCI is going to change from person to person. Some players might prefer a simplified PCI with just Diamonds or Circles for example with no Inner or Outer setting. This is what we recommend for new players:

  • PCI Center: Diamonds
  • PCI Inner: Starfighter
  • PCI Outer: None (Reverb if no PCI Inner)
  • PCI Color: Preference
  • PCI Transparency: 70%
  • PCI Fadeout: None

Other players might prefer something more dynamic with a Center, Inner and Outer aspect plus certain fadeouts to create a more complex PCI. As mentioned, the Bat PCI offers something completely different from other PCIs. The Bat reacts to how it would be swung in different areas of the zone. It shows how a player would flatten out a swing for a pitch at the top of the zone, or how it becomes an uppercut/golf swing for pitches down in the zone.

Another factor is that some players prefer different PCIs depending on the difficulty. It's best to try different settings in games against the CPU if you plan on playing online. Mess around with different settings as players become more accustomed to batting in MLB The Show 23.