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Best Race for Warrior in Shadowlands

A Tortollan Warrior in Nazmir, sadly not a playable race :(
A Tortollan Warrior in Nazmir, sadly not a playable race :( / Activision Blizzard

What is the best race for warrior in Shadowlands? Your choice of race in World of Warcraft is not purely cosmetic, as every race comes equipped with their own unique ability called a racial, as well as pumping other stats specific to the race.

Best Race for Warrior in Shadowlands

To start the rundown of best races for warrior in WoW Shadowlands, alliance races will be shown to start, followed by horde races.


As predicable as this pick is, Humans likely have the best all-purpose racial in the game. Will to Survive is a cleanse on a 3 minute cooldown, making this one of the best PvP based abilities in the game, racial or not.

Additionally, Will to Survive allows the player to take Relentless instead of the PvP cleanse, since Humans already have a cleanse built in their race. As a result, you have a 3 minute cleanse as well as a similar Orc's effect of the Hardiness passive.

Humans are the most consistent and best performing warrior for alliance, especially in PvP.


Similar to humans, gnomes can utilize their racial Escape Artist. While not as potent as Will to Survive, Escape Artist still allows the gnome to escape roots, slows, or any type of movement impairing effects. You cannot cleanse stuns like humans can, but Escape Artist and the PvP cleanse trinket can give the gnome multiple outs.


Similar to humans, orcs are generally the best all around choice when it comes to warriors for the horde.

Just as Will to Survive is one of the best racials in the game, the orc's passive Hardiness provides the orc with a 20% stun resist. Additionally, orcs get the active racial ability Blood Fury, and when combined with powerful warrior cooldowns like Fury's Warbreaker, you're looking at a nice burst window.

Blood Elves

While there is no specific reasons for Blood Elves to be such a potent warrior, you do see a nice chunk of Blood Elves opt to play warrior.

Blood Elves' racial Arcane Torrent is one of those racials that can stand toe-to-toe with Will to Survive or Hardiness, so many opt to pick the Blood Elf for such a good all-around racial.