Best RAM-7 Loadout for Warzone July 2021

This is the best loadout for the Ram-7 in Warzone for Season 4 that most players can utilize.
This is the best loadout for the Ram-7 in Warzone for Season 4 that most players can utilize. / Photo by Activision

Season 4 for Warzone is kicking off and loadouts need to be reset for those who still want to get ahead in the game. Those who are fans of the RAM-7 assault rifle, look no further as here is the best loadout for the gun in Warzone.

Best RAM-7 Loadout for Warzone July 2021

The RAM-7 is arguably one of the best assault rifles in the game to use right now. The gun's strengths are its fast fire rate and easily controlled recoil spray that can convert kills in an instant. Though it may be outshined by the smaller SMGs for those who like close-quarter fights, the RAM-7 is in a class of its own for good reason.

Of course as with all loadouts, these are purely subjective and what this loadout may offer for one player may not be the same for another. That said, it's always best to experiment in search of a loadout that fits your preferred playstyle, though there are some attachments to put on that may help with that process.

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: FFS Ranger
  • Optic: Holographic sights or at least a 2x scope
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 50 Round Mags

Although the recoil of the gun is already very predictable, the Commando Foregrip attachment just makes it much easier. Couple this with the FFS Ranger barrel and its fast fire rate is definitely going to be helpful in all-around engagements.

Magazine size for this gun needs to remain a little high with the 50 Round Mags as, if there are multiple people around, it may be a hassle to reload once a position is compromised. It's best to let the bullets keep flowing rather than stopping in this case. Luckily, being compromised won't be easy as the Monolithic Suppressor will definitely help with masking the shots that a player will take in-game.

The optics are, of course, up to the player, but it may be helpful to pair the optics up depending on the other weapon equipped. If a player already has a sniper rifle, like a Kar98k, it may be best to just keep a holographic sight on it since there already is a long-range rifle. Conversely, if there are no long-range rifles equipped along with the RAM-7, it's best to have a longer scope just for an edge for long-distance engagements.