Best Red XIII Weapon in FF7 Rebirth

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Red XIII is a unique playable character that's available starting from Chapter 2 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. He's a wise, red, lion-like creature with a flaming tail. Players would like to know which weapon is best for Red XIII.

Like Tifa, Red XIII is another close-range fighter who's powerful and quick on his feet. The lion's weapon is unconventional compared to the others. He uses collars, though he doesn't use them to attack enemies directly. Collars amplify his physical power instead.

Best Red XIII Weapon in FF7 Rebirth

The Golden Collar is Red XIII's best weapon, focusing on the beast's sheer strength. This weapon boasts the highest attack power and can also heal allies. Here's everything players must know about the Golden Collar.

  • Ability: Watcher’s Respite - Deplete the Vengeance Gauge to heal allies. Potency proportional to amount expended.
  • Proficiency Bonus: Activate when the Vengeance Gauge is full.
  • Materia Slots: 5 O-O O O O
  • Location: The weapon is available during the Chapter 9 Main Scenario Quest, The Shadow Beckons. Players can get the Golden Collar from the purple chest on the Coolant Control B3 floor of the Gongaga Reactor, southwest of Gongaga Village. 
  • Stats: ATK +106, MATK +29, DEF + 0, MDEF + 0
  • Useful Weapon Skills: Vengeance Gauge Charge Rate Up, Invigorating Vengeance, Vengeful Revenant, Magic Attack Power +20, Opening ATB Bonus, Max MP +3

Vengeance Gauge is also Red XIII's special ability. The gauge fills as he blocks enemy attacks. Players can use the gauge to unleash Vengeance Mode, which increases Red XIII's attack.

Red XIII has lived a tough life. He's from Cosmo Canyon and is part of a lion race that can speak. The creature was subject to experimentation under Professor Hojo, head of the Shinra Electric Power Company's Science Research Division. He also received the name "Red XIII" during the torture. Cloud and the other party members rescued Red XIII from Shinra, and the lion decided to accompany them on their mission.