Best Rocket League Training Packs: 3 Best to Play

Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

The training tab of Rocket League is an underutilized but incredibly impactful feature. Training allows players to fine tune essential aspects of their game such as blocking shots, ball placement, and so much more. Players looking to upgrade their level of play should look here before queueing into any other playlist. While this feature flies under the radar it can turn Gold players into Champ players for those willing to put in the effort.

This list focuses on three critical aspects of a players game: defending/blocking shoots, shooting, and dribbling. By honing their skills using these training packs, players will see noticeable improvement and could even reach that elusive rank they've been longing for. Without further ado, here are three must-use training packs in Rocket League:

Best Rocket League Training Packs

10 Defends to Master by C BELL

Those looking to improve their defensive prowess should have a fun time with this training. The training is dedicated to practicing saves and clears. Players have to face fast and well-placed shots and even adapt to defending when starting in a bad position. It's important to note that this training is rated for "All-Star Goalies." Many people in lower ranks will have a lot trouble as they begin, but it's important to keep pushing through. The harder the training is, the more it will improve players' defensive ability.

Download code: 338C-04E6-83AC-1244

Dribbling Challenge by Enzokpo16

The name says it all. This playlist is dedicated to players successfully dribbling the ball into the opposing team's net. It gives players tough angles and quick starts to work with, but is not insanely difficult. Tailored toward "Pro Striker" players, this will challenge lower-ranked players while not feeling impossibly difficult. This training should increase players' ball control while giving them more discipline in their speed and movement.

Download code: BD1F-BAC0-88E3-86E2

Power and Accuracy Practice by Virge

The only "Rookie Striker" pack on this list, Virge's training applies to players of all skill levels despite it's "rookie" ranking. This training teaches players the essentials of hitting powerful and accurate shots through practice. Giving players a variety of distances and angles to shoot from, these shots will have players feeling comfortable from nearly any spot on the field after they complete the training. When games can be decided by milliseconds and pixels, placing the ball just out of reach or just too fast for the goalie can be life or death. By improving their shooting alone players can fly up the ranked ladder.

Download Code: 89A8-606C-B866-EF30