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Best Stats for the Amazon in Diablo II: Resurrected

Courtesy of Activision
Courtesy of Activision

Diablo II: Resurrection released this last week, and players are now starting to build out their classes properly. Choosing a class can be difficult, and properly building one can be even harder. Every class requires something different, including the Amazon. Here are the best stats to build when creating an Amazon in Diablo II: Resurrection

Best Stats for Amazon in Diablo II: Resurrection

Skill points are incredibly important in Diablo, and properly distributing them can bring a character from good to great. Here are the proper skill point distributions for the Amazon

Talent Tree

1. Guided Arrows: 20

2. Multi Shot: 20

3. Penetrate: 18

4. Crit Strike: 20

5. Pierce: 20

6. Avoid: 20

Stat Distribution

Base stats are equally as important to the build of a Diablo character as their skills are. The Amazon, just like every class, has its own unique setup for how to distribute these. For this class, most of the points should be placed into Dexterity, and Strength should be the 2nd focus. Placing stat points like this will maximize the efficiency of the Amazon.