Best Sten Weapon Loadout Warzone Pacific Season 1

Photo by Activision

Warzone Pacific is out now and the run-and-gun players are looking to find out which Vanguard weapons work best for them.

The Sten is a unique weapon that does, although it can't compare to the MP-40, does have its advantages up close and can be very effective in specific situations on Warzone

Best Sten Weapon Loadout Warzone Pacific Season 1

The Sten along with a unique look provides SMG players with a strong up close and personal playstyle that will have you extremely satisfied when eliminating players left, right, and center.

Here is the best Sten Weapon Loadout for Warzone Pacific Season 1:

  • Muzzle: M1929 Silencer
  • Barrel: Hockenson 348mm B13S
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Stock: Gawain Para
  • Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip
  • Magazine: 9mm Para 50 Round Drums
  • Ammo Type: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip
  • Proficiency: Frenzy
  • Kit: Quick

Since you have to be honest about what this weapon is as far as its use goes, the best loadout possible is made to maximize its up close engagements. This Sten loadout is best suited for those close quarters fights insides of houses or when running near the gas line at end game circles. It is still very ineffective to use this gun at anything other than close range no matter what loadout you try. So toss this weapon loadout on and get ready to be up close and personal with action.