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Best Swings in MLB The Show 21

The best swings in MLB The Show 21 are a contested topic as anyone in the game could swing the best for every person. | Photo by San Diego Studios

Finding out the perfect swing for ballplayers in MLB The Show 21 is often contested as any player may just be the right fit to hit dingers out of the ballpark. Though everyone's list has a wide range of players that can fit for whose swing is best, these are arguably the most effective and best swings in the game.

Best Swings in MLB The Show 21

When choosing a swing for Diamond Dynasty teams or even for batting stances on ball players, whatever the player is most comfortable with is the best pick with all of the players. Everyone has a different preference on what is effective for their ballplayer or team, so this list shouldn't be taken as gospel.

1. Ken Griffey Jr. (Left)

Ron Vesely/Getty Images

There is something about Ken Griffey's swing that just seems so pure. Though it does definitely take a while to do so, it is very quick and contact will often hit dingers, especially if there are any off-speed pitches.

2. Yoán Moncada (Left)

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Yoán Moncada's stance is definitely in the ballpark of being the best swing for ballplayers, only next to Adalberto Mondesi's swing for switch hitters. He is nearly as good as Mondesi's swing and offers a lot of the same capabilities as him, all the while players can rake with Moncada as well.

3. Jackie Robinson (Right)

Robert Riger/Getty Images

It's only rightfully so that this right-hander is on the cover for this year's game, especially given the impact Robinson has had for the game of baseball. Much like his impact, his swing is also just as amazing as the player he is. Pitchers need to be wary as any pitches toward him will probably guarantee a line drive or at least a foul ball.

4. Mike Trout (Right)

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Mike Trout is known to give some of the bigger bombs in the MLB, this has also directly translated in the game as well. Trout's swing has been noted as one of the best by the community for the past couple of years and this year is not any different. It may start as a good base to start with when trying to fine-tune it for a ballplayer.

5. Adalberto Mondesi (Switch)

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

As a switch is typically a great batting hand for most players in the game as they can hit either on the right or left hands, Mondesi's animation is simply overpowered in this game. His swing is arguably the best in the game to use right now, and should be considered to use among all ballplayers and teams in the game.