Best Tempus Torrent Loadout Warzone 2

The best Tempus Torrent loadout is here.
The best Tempus Torrent loadout is here. / Activision

The Tempus Torrent can be a deadly Marksman Rifle with the right loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Season 2 Reloaded.

As the only new weapon in Season 2 Reloaded, the Tempus Torrent has quickly broken its way into the Warzone 2 meta. Although the gun is not as good as the ISO Hemlock, the DMR is the best option for players looking to rack up one-shot headshot eliminations on Ashika Island.

Players can unlock the Tempus Torrent for free by obtaining 25 double kills with a Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2 or Multiplayer. They can also extract the weapon in DMZ to obtain the DMR.

So, what loadout will make the Tempus Torrent a lethal primary weapon?

Best Tempus Torrent Loadout Warzone 2

The best attachments and tuning for the Tempus Torrent are:

  • Muzzle: ZLR Talon 5 (+1.40/+1.00)
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56 (+0.80/+0.40)
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser (0.00/+51.00)
  • Optic: Aim OP-V4 (-3.00/0.00)
  • Magazine: 50 Round Drum

The Optic has the most flexibility with the Tempus Torrent. Depending on preference, players can run a red dot or a longer Optic, but the Aim OP-V4 provides the best scope to maintain visibility while shooting. The Tempus Torrent also goes through bullets quickly, so the 50 Round Drum is the best Magazine to run.

The best Perk Package to run with the Tempus Torrent is:

  • Battle Hardened
  • Double Time
  • Fast Hands
  • High Alert

Double Time and Battle Hardened are two popular base perks that are effective with almost any weapon. Fast Hands allows players to reload and swap weapons faster. Finally, High Alert alerts a player when an enemy spots them, improving overall awareness.