Best Vanguard Guns for Warzone: 3 Best Overall

Photo by Activision

The newest Warzone season is soon arriving and fans want to know what the best Vanguard guns for Warzone will be.

Vanguard provides a great mix of submachine guns and assault rifles that could change the latest Warzone meta entirely.

Best Vanguard Guns for Warzone: 3 Best Overall

When Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was integrated into Warzone, the entire meta changed as many Cold War guns made an immediate impact on the Warzone playstyle. It is entirely possible that new Vanguard weapons could have the same effect.

Here is the list of the three best weapons in Vanguard for Warzone:

1. Automaton

The Automaton is a highly accurate Assault Rifle that comes with a high fire rate and high damage. It fits the Warzone meta perfectly as it is capable of being used effectively in close, medium, and long range encounters.

2. MP-40

The MP-40 is a Call of Duty classic and it continues to be one of the best guns in every game it is featured in. Nothing changes with the Vanguard version as it is the best SMG in the game.

3. STG-44

The STG-44 is a high powered Assault Rifle that rivals the Automaton as the best AR in Vanguard. Although it does not have the same fire rate and accuracy as the Automaton, it packs a punch with high damage.