Best Warzone 2 LMGs After RPK Nerf

Despite recent nerfs, the RPK is still the best LMG to use in Warzone 2.
Despite recent nerfs, the RPK is still the best LMG to use in Warzone 2. / Activision, screenshot by Ralston Dacanay

After a recent nerf to the RPK, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 players want to know the best LMGs to run on Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

No weapon came close to the RPK throughout Warzone 2 Season 1 and Season 1 Reloaded. The LMG dominated long-range gunfights with its low TTK and recoil, making it the go-to primary weapon for casual and professional Warzone players.

The RPK received nerfs at the start of Season 2. According to the Patch Notes, the RPK's damage ranged was reduced, and its initial bullet recoil and horizontal recoil were increased.

So, what are the best LMGs to run in Warzone 2 Season 2?

Best Warzone 2 LMGs After RPK Nerf


Despite the RPK's nerfs, it is still the favorite LMG option for Warzone players. The familiarity of the weapon paired with its lethal damage has it hanging around at the top of the meta.

Although it is no longer as good as the ISO Hemlock Assault Rifle, for players who favor running an LMG with a large magazine, the RPK is still the best option.


The RAAL MG has emerged as another solid LMG choice in Season 2. The easy-to-control weapon also deals high damage and comes with a large magazine, allowing players to dominate long-range gunfights, especially if they manage to hit headshots.

Beware of the gun's poor mobility and slow rate of fire. The LMG also received a nerf to its recoil control, but the RAAL MG is still deadly in the hands of an experienced player.

Sakin MG38

The Sakin MG38 produces similar damage to the RAAL MG and also comes equipped with a 100-round mag, perfect for the high-distance gunfights synonymous with Al Mazrah.

The Sakin MG38 is extremely slow, and poor from short distance. The RPK and RAAL MG are better all-around LMGs.