Best Warzone MP5 Class Loadout in Season 3

The MP5 is back for Season 3 of Warzone
The MP5 is back for Season 3 of Warzone / Photo Courtesy of Activision

The MP5 class SMG has always been a reliable gun to use in Call of Duty: Warzone, and in Season 3, it may be back in the loop of best "meta" guns to use.

Here's our pick for the best loadout setup in Warzone for Season 3.

Best MP5 Loadout to Use in Warzone

With these attachments, the MP5 becomes a top secondary weapon option in Warzone, with great hip fire ability and enough power to put enemies down close range.

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • 5mW Laser
  • Merc Foregrip
  • 45 Round Mag
  • FTAC collapsible stock

JRD on YouTube also shows the same loadout in this video:

The monolithic suppressor is our pick for the muzzle because it adds a bit of damage range to the MP5 while suppressing your bullet fire. The laser is incredibly useful for weapons like the MP5 because they add great accuracy for hip fire, which makes this gun a great secondary for close-up gunfights. It's interchangeable with a scope for increased range if you don't play too aggressively and encounter many enemies close up, or a rear grip for more stabilization, but we recommend this for players to like to get close and personal with enemies and put them down with ease.

The merc foregrip helps with stabilizing the recoil of the MP5 to keep all your shots on target in fights, as well as hip-fire accuracy. The collapsible stock attachment really helps make this gun faster and more mobile for on-the-run players who want to be agile running around corners and shooting enemies, while also increasing your aim-down sights speed.

With all these attachments, the MP5 has been a consistent threat as a secondary for especially aggressive players. While it doesn't have the speed and lure of a Mac-10, the MP5 is a reliable choice in Season 3 and is definitely a gun you should give a shot to if you haven't tried it yet or haven't ran it in Warzone in a long time.