Best Way to Earn Free VC in NBA 2K22

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Money talks, especially in games like NBA 2K22 where Virtual Currency, better known as VC, is arguably the most impactful thing players can obtain. VC allows players to better trick out their character with a variety of cosmetic items, such as animations, clothing, gear, and haircuts. Most importantly though, VC enables players upgrade their character's attributes.

VC essentially serves as the end-all-be-all for character upgrades and can be purchased in-game. Many players refuse to pay for VC and, as a result, are clamoring to find out how they can get more free of charge. Here's are the best strategies for getting VC for free in 2K22:

Best Way to Earn Free VC in NBA 2K22

There are actually many ways players can get free VC in NBA 2K22, but the simplest and quickest ways are playing, locker codes, and NBA 2K TV quizzes.

First, just by simply playing the game and honing their skills in The City, MyCareer, or Play Now Online modes players will receive VC during their post-game recaps. NBA 2K22 also frequently posts in-game codes on their social media pages. Some of these codes, when redeemed, will grant players a nice amount of VC, allowing them to profit from doing nothing. The final best practice players can implement to earn free VC in the game is by watching an NBA 2K TV video before playing a game. If players answer the question that comes at the end of the video correctly then they will receive a chunk of VC.

Players should keep their eyes peeled as there are many other, albeit less efficient, methods of gaining VC in NBA 2K22.

Best Way to Earn Free VC in NBA 2K22
Players can earn lots of free VC through a variety of ways, they just need a nudge in the right direction / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, 2K

Of course, players have the option of purchasing VC in-game, but that largely defeats the fun of playing to better your character and is also much less satisfying. Moreover, many players are against spending money on strengthening their character, rejecting the system's "pay-to-win" nature.

VC is essential on the path to victory in NBA 2K22 and by using these strategies players can earn more VC quicker and continue to upgrade their character.