Best Way to Farm Primal Chaos in Dragonflight

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has introduced a variety of ways to maximize the benefits of not only each profession, but of crafting epic-quality items as well. One new item is Primal Chaos, a reagent used in a wide variety of recipes over many different professions.

One major profession in which Primal Chaos is used is Blacksmithing, which has a newfound significance in Dragonflight. The amount of Primal Chaos needed in specific recipes ranges from 30 to as many as 160, so farming them is essential. Also significant in crafting epic-quality items are Sparks of Ingenuity, which require some extra work to obtain.

Best Way to Farm Primal Chaos in Dragonflight


Continuously completing dungeons can ensure Primal Chaos drops, especially if the dungeon is Mythic level or above. On the other hand, one Primal Chaos will always drop upon completion of a Heroic level dungeon.

Primal Chaos can also be a drop after successfully defeating a World or Raid Boss.

Expedition Scout Packs

These are earned by increasing renown with Dragonflight-specific factions. For example, the Dragonscale Expedition will frequently reward Expedition Scout Packs upon progression. These can also be looted at various locations throughout the Dragon Isles. Inside each are Primal Chaos, plus an assortment of potions and other consumables.

Disturbed Dirt

Once you reach 5 Renown with the Dragonscale Expedition, you will be able to purchase a Small Expedition Shovel. This item will allow you to dig up piles of Disturbed Dirt, which have a chance of containing Primal Chaos.