Best Way to Farm Prismatic Leaper in Dragonflight

Blizzard, Screenshot by Nathan Fusco

Fishing has a massive focus in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight as the latest expansion focuses heavily on professions. While Fishing has always been a part of the game, now a whole faction is built around fishing. The Tuskarr in Azure Span offer plenty of content around fishing including different ways to fish on the Dragon Isles once you unlock certain levels of Renown. And a lot of their rewards are also built around Cooking. For players getting ready for Mythic+ and raiding this week, they'll want to start working on feasts and one of the main requirements in a feast is the Prismatic Leaper.

One of the rare types of fish, it only spawns at certain locations, usually at waterfalls up in the mountains.

Best Way to Farm Prismatic Leaper in Dragonflight

So there are multiple things you could do. Most spawns will disappear after three to five fish appear and then respawn after five minutes. So you could fly from location to location using your Dragonriding, but others may be farming and ruin the rhythm. My advice is to find one or two spots and rotate between them.

Ohn'ahran Plains

  • 56, 80
  • 86, 51
  • 64, 38
  • 58, 31

The plains are the best spot to farm them out of every zone, but here is the best spot without a doubt. Hit up 56, 80, then fly over the mountain directly east of you and fly to 30, 25 in Azure Span. It should take five seconds at most. That spot can spawn two Prismatic Leapers at once. Simply rotate back and forth and enjoy your Leapers! And whether you are use mining or herbalism, you'll find good farming for those in the surrounding area as you wait for them to spawn.