Best Ways to Earn Revives in Pokemon GO

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Stocking up on Revives in Pokémon is never a waste of time. Luckily Pokémon GO players should always be working towards gathering them by practicing the following. Here are some of the best ways players can earn revives in Pokémon GO.

5 Best Ways to Earn Revives in Pokemon GO

1. Win at Raids

Experienced Pokémon GO players will find successful Raid Battles can be worth the trouble. Not only can you score some Potions or Rare Candy but also some Max Revives. Just be sure to not use them up when battling.

2. Spin Pokespots and Gyms

Pokemon GO's goal was to get more people to explore the world around them as trainers do in other Pokémon games. Spinning every photo disc at Pokespots or Gyms will reward players with items and experiences including revives. Spinning photo disc can also help players discover new research tasks.

3. Complete Research Tasks

At Pokespots players can receive one field research task per day but there are several types of research tasks that can be completed at a time. There are the Daily Tasks, Special story-based tasks or even limited-timed events. Objectives for these might be as simple as catching one Pokémon or making a great throw.

4. Leveling Up

Once players reach level five, every time they level up revives are one of the recurring rewards. After hitting level 30, Max Revives will be rewarded. By exploring new Pokespots, battling, and raiding, players can expect to quickly increase their levels.

5. Have a Friend Gift Some

If you and your pals are connected through Pokémon GO then there is nothing stopping you from sending some Max Revives as a gift. You can send up to 20 gifts and the first gift sent will increase your overall friendship rating.

Active Pokémon GO players might prefer to explore new Pokespots or Gyms over raiding. Whatever your preferred playstyle is there should be a healthy supply of revives if you play often. If you are bored maybe send some to a friend who is starting to raid more. Bored of catching Pokémon try battling or complete some Research tasks.