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Best Ways to Make Pesos in Far Cry 6

Player's are already exploring Yara in the newly released Far Cry 6, and need to get their hands on the best gear for their adventures. To get all the resources a player needs to take down their enemies on Yara, they will need quite a bit of the island's currency, the Yaran Pesos. Here are a few ways to make a quick profit in Far Cry 6.

Best Ways to Make Pesos in Far Cry 6

1. Trading Materials

While adventuring around the island of Yara, different resources can be found that have a plethora of different uses. The extra materials that a player has no use for can be exchanged for Pesos, and as players go on and acquire more materials, the amount of money they will make off of trade-ins will add up quickly.

2. Races

There are many races found all around Yara, and they can reward players with a pretty penny on the first win at each. When repeating they will earn less, but can prove to be a good source of cash when in need of some.

3. Los Banditos Operations

This is the high-risk high-reward option for earning money in Far Cry 6. Players can send troops on adventures for which the player will make decisions which can cost resources as well as people's lives, but if done correctly can bring in huge amounts of Pesos.

All of these strategies are now available for players who have bought Far Cry 6, though some, like the Operations, will require a bit of playtime before they are unlocked. Once players have the Pesos from these options, they will be able to wreak havoc on Yara to their hearts content now that Far Cry 6 is available for purchase on PC and consoles.