Best Yasuo Items in TFT

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT players might be wondering what the best items are to give Yasuo. The Unforgiven is an incredibly strong five-cost unit that fits into a wide variety of team comps. Here are three of the best items you should consider giving to Yasuo.

Best Yasuo Items in TFT

Titan's Resolve

When it comes to making Yasuo a better unit, Titan's Resolve is a good way to play it safe in any team comp. The item doesn't synergize with any comp specifically, but instead relies on the sustainability of Yasuo given his ability to last a while in battle. The bonus AD and AP make Yasuo that much more deadly. If you have too many Bows and Vests, you can even stack multiple TItan's Resolves on him for an extremely deadly, and an extremely large, Yasuo.


Despite Yasuo's ability giving him built-in sustain, he's still a fairly low-health unit, especially in a set of massive dragons. Bloodthirster allows Yasuo to stay alive for longer so he can execute his ability more. Bloodthirster is especially good on Yasuo if you want him to be the main carry, as it lets him contend with most everyone once he hits two-stars. Even if he is acting as more of a utility piece, ensuring that he lives to the end of the fight so he can launch his insta-kill is never a bad idea.

Edge of Night

While Edge of Night serves a similar purpose to Bloodthirster, the two items have some noticeable differences on Yasuo. While Bloodthirster is the better item for staying alive in general, Edge of Night is more effective against carry units that can wipe you with one ability. The stealth provided by the item gives Yasuo the ability to get out an extra ability when he previously wouldn't have been able to, helped all the more by the attack speed Edge of Night grants. It's worth noting that you probably shouldn't use Edge of Night and Bloodthirster at the same time and should instead pick one or the other depending on the circumstance.