Bethesda Games Shares New Information and Concept Art for Starfield

Courtesy of Bethesda Games
Courtesy of Bethesda Games /

Bethesda Games' next big IP, Starfield, is currently in development, and fans of the company are desperate for any new information on the mostly unknown project. Apart from some general description of the genre of the game, as well as little tidbits of the information left at conferences players know very little about the upcoming title. Just recently though, a lot of information was released at once by Bethesda to players, and it answers at least a few questions.

Bethesda Games Shares New Information and Concept Art for Starfield

In a new video released by Bethesda, players are taken through what will be at least some of the playable land, called the Settled Systems. This piece of the Milky Way is home to many factions, including that of the player who is a part of Constellation, an explorer guild.

This new concept art is directly involved with the video, combing over the very different parts of the Settled Systems. While the other teasers for the game have relied on showing one location, it seems this batch of concept art is showing off multiple areas all around the galaxy. It highlights very different locations, from the bustling underbelly of a city to a desert planet.

All of these locations will end up as playable locations, but an interesting piece of the concept art to most players is the player model concept art. Finally getting a good look at the model of the main character or at least some of the presets, players can see that the spacesuit will play a major part in the player customization, though to what extent remains to be seen. Seeing all of these new concept arts has to be exciting for fans of Bethesda's other works, but with a late 2022 release date, it will be a bit of time before we get to see these art pieces in-game.