Bewitching Miss Fortune: New Halloween Skins Revealed for League of Legends

Bewitching Miss Fortune is among the new Halloween skins coming to League of Legends in October 2019. This particular skin will also have a Prestige edition.

Bewitching Miss Fortune

This year's Tales from the Rift skins are first being shown off on the PBE. Among Bewitching Miss Fortune, there's also Witch's Brew Blitzcrank and Count Kassadin.

It's Miss Fortune's turn to get bewitched this year. Her Bewitching skin, like previous Bewitching skins for other Champions, features a witch outfit with pumpkin motifs. Her pistols are now shaped like candles as well.

The Prestige version of this skin will cost 100 Prestige tokens. This one features the same skin but in white and gold. Her hat also now has a glowing green Jack-O-Lantern face on it, and her candle pistols are bulked up with three candles each now.

The update is expected to go live Oct. 21.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.