Bewitching Senna Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Riot Games

The Halloween season or as League of Legends prefers to call it the bewitching season is upon us. This year to help usher in the spooky season Riot Games is introducing five new bewitching skins for five witches in League of Legends. One of the witches with this holiday-themed skin is the champion Senna.

Bewitching Senna Skin Splash Art

Splash art ofSenna and Anivia in their 2022 Bewitching Skin for League of Legends
Riot Games

Senna follows the same color designs as the other skins using purple, orange and hint of green. Paired with Anivia in the splash art, Senna players should be excited to use this skin for the upcoming season.

Bewitching Senna Skin Price

Bewitching Senna will be an epic skin and cost 1,350 Riot points a standard price for most in-game purchases in League of Legends. That can run players up to $10 or they can sign up for Microsoft Rewards and complete various tasks to redeem more Riot points. Those that unlock Bewitching Senna will be able to show off their purple and pumpkin-themed outfit.

Bewitching Senna Skin Release Date

Along with Patch 12.20 the next day Oct. 20 will see the release of all the Bewitching skins including Senna.

How to Get Bewitching Senna Skin

The only way players will be able to receive the Bewitching Senna skin will be through trading 1,350 Riot points towards the skin in the store.

Other champions that will receive an epic bewitching skin later this month include Cassiopeia, Neeko, LeBlanc, and Anivia. There will be no new major event with the ongoing League of Legends Championship that started Sept. 29 and is expected to run until Nov. 5.

The reveal of these five new skins is just another reason for League of Legends players to enjoy the Autumn season with the recent event Fright Night which also had Halloween-related skins.