Beyond the Summit announced Bot The International 2 on Tuesday.

The organization describes Bot TI2 as a "meme event where we determine which Dota hero is best." Each round of the tournament will see a team of easy AI bots, all playing the same hero, go up against another team of easy AI bots playing another hero. The team that wins the team fight advances to the next round.

Matches last 30 seconds and are best-of-three. In game one, the bots are all Level 5. In game two, they jump to Level 15, and in game three to Level 25. Skills and items acquired correspond to those most commonly acquired in public games, according to Dota tracker Dotabuff.

Play is tentatively scheduled to begin July 8 with the round of 128 running through July 14. The round of 64 will follow Aug. 1-2, and the top 16 will be played Aug. 3-4.

Last year's Bot TI ended with Elder Titan, the third seed, taking top honors. Fourth seed Abaddon took second place, 16th seed Phoenix took third, and second seed Undying took fourth.

Photo courtesy of Beyond the Summit