Big Brain Warzone Player Murders Own Shadow

Nerves had this player chasing their own shadow.
Nerves had this player chasing their own shadow. | Photo by Infinity Ward/Activision

Look, we get it. Battle royales are stressful games. Warzone is not an exception. At any given moment a bullet could travel several hundred meters and tear through your cerebral cortex, sending you to the gulag or, worse, the grave and the main menu. It's important to keep your head on a swivel. But there is a tipping point.

This clip, posted to the Warzone subreddit Thursday by u/Sajmonation, shows what happens when you pass that tipping point.

The video opens with the exceedingly twitchy Sajmonation aiming through the scope of their sniper rifle at an enemy standing on the roof of a neighboring building. They take their first shot and hit the enemy's head, cracking their armor. They then duck behind cover before popping back up to search for a second shot.

But the enemy has disappeared. Overcome with nervous energy, Sajmonation jumps up on the railing of their own building to look around. All at once they spy movement on the ground, aim down their scope and take a shot at the road — smacking their own shadow dead in the forehead.

Again, we get it. But maybe take a deep breath first next time.