Big Modern Warfare 2 Leak Seemingly Details All Upcoming Weapons


A new Modern Warfare 2 leak has revealed what seems to be a number of weapons set to arrive in-game over the next few seasons.

Part of what keeps online multiplayer games like Call of Duty fresh is a constant cycle of maps, weapons and other content. With any update, the existing meta can change thanks to various buffs and nerfs, or new weapons entering the pool altogether.

Some new leaks have emerged, detailing all of the weapons set to arrive in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 between now and the end of its life-cycle. That's a lot of ground to cover, but the leaks suggest that there are plenty of weapons set to gradually enter the rotation.

Big Modern Warfare 2 Leak Seemingly Details All Upcoming Weapons

The leaks come via Task Force Leakers 14 on Twitter who, in response to their own tweet on a rumor suggesting that the FR 5.56 Famas will be arriving in Season 3, listed a number of file names pertaining to what seems to be the upcoming weapons.

The post detailed the following data entries:

  • iw9_me_sword02
  • iw9_br_ngsierra
  • iw9_sn_india
  • iw9_pi_tango9
  • iw9_ar_helima
  • iw9_sm_acharlie45
  • iw9_sh_tsierra
  • iw9_sn_walpha
  • iw9_pi_mike2011
  • iw9_ar_malima
  • iw9_sm_acharlie9
  • iw9_me_kamas
  • iw9_me_kalisticks

The entries make use of codenames for the weapons, some of which are easier to work out than others. For example, the Kali Sticks.

Other users were quick to speculate what the others might refer to, such as the "ngsierra" for the NGSW Sig Spear.

A Reddit post later cleared up some of the codenames, suggesting that classic weapons such as the Intervention Sniper Rifle will be making a return as an unlockable weapon.

Of course, all of this data comes via leaks, meaning that there's no guarantee that all (if any) of the weapons will make an appearance in-game. Additionally, there's no official timeline for when these weapons are set to arrive.