Biggest Upcoming Changes in TFT Patch 10.24

We love our Pengu don't we folks?
We love our Pengu don't we folks? / Photo by Riot Games

The official Teamfight Tactics Twitter released the tentative patch notes for Tuesday's update Friday, set for release Tuesday, Nov. 24, targeting several of the most oppressive TFT compositions.

TFT Patch 10.24 Buffs

Aphelios, Akali, Xin Zhao, Jhin, and Sett are set to be buffed in the upcoming patch. Akali had recently fallen out of favor since her nerfs in previous patches, and it looks like Riot is trying to bring her back in line with where they want Ninja/Assassins to land on the viability scale.

Xin Zhao received a major rework in the last patch that gave the impression the developers wanted to change him into more of a hyper carry, making him a strong choice to stack items onto in Duelist and Warlord teams. Xin Zhao performs pretty well as is and, depending on the changes, this buff may be enough to push the compositions with which he meshes well he meshes into must-play teams.

Jhin has always been in a strong place and previously received little attention, any possible buff here is likely an attempt to offset the incoming nerf to Cultists.

TFT Patch 10.24 Nerfs

Diana, Lissandra, Nami, Pyke, Azir, Cultists, and the ZZ’Rot portal are all slated to get the nerf hammer this time around. Cultists are likely the biggest change we’ll see. Patch 10.23 has made the composition ruthless. If you can manage to get a Chosen Cultist then you’re pretty much guaranteed a top 4 finish. We can expect that to change this patch. Combined with Pyke getting nerfs as well, this will likely push Cultists out of viability.

Moonlight teams are also going to see a big hit with Diana and Lissandra getting nerfs. We’ll have to see how severe these nerfs are, if they aren’t too bad then the Moonlight composition might just pivot to Chosen Diana with Aphelios (who is slated for a buff), instead of Chosen Diana with Lissandra.

TFT Patch 10.24 Adjustments

This category is the toughest to gauge because Riot is not claiming nerfs or buffs here, just "adjustments." In reality that tends to translate to either a nerf or a buff, but on a lesser scale. Jarvan, Yasuo, Lulu, Zed, Cassiopeia, Warwick, Yone, and Jinx will all be "adjusted."

Champions to watch here are Jarvan and Zed. With the buffs to Xin Zhao, the Warlord composition might finally come into viability. The rest of the champions in the composition are already strong, and any Azir nerf will only affect the late game as he is a Tier 5 champion. Zed is an interesting case. With the right items he can carry a team, but he needs those items to do anything. Perhaps this adjustment will make him a little more flexible.

Finally, we have Yone. In most compositions, if you can find a Yone it is almost always good. He fits into most teams. If he is only being adjusted then we can expect him to stay consistently strong as a flex pick, and one of the best Tier 5 champions to invest in.

Going forward, look to Warlords, Shades, Ninjas, and Duelists to do well. However, the fact that Shen and Irelia have not been touched at all means that they will still be the premier frontline to have. This could potentially mean Duelists and Ninjas simply won’t have a chance to shine when faced with the attack speed slows of Adept.