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Biomutant Divers Helmet: How to Collect the Unique Head Piece

Diver Helmet
Diver Helmet / Photo courtesy by THQ Nordic

Biomutant's Divers Helmet can help players traverse the vast open-world which comes with eight biomes to explore and a variety of environments come with underwater levels.

The diver helmet can be found in the village of Namby, which is located west of the Urfidurf Outpost. There, players will see a side quest called the drink-a-link, where we meet Gulp Glugswig, located at Sinkidink in Namby. Glugswig will be your new drinking buddy.

The Radium Syrup Truck
The Radium Syrup Truck / Photo courtesy by THQ Nordic

Biomutant Divers Helmet

Players will need a Googlide to get to Sinkidink, before finishing Goops quest. Once finishing Goops main questlines head over to Glugswig where he will tell you about The Radium Syrup Truck. The truck holds resources for Glugswig legendary brew that players need to retrieve for our new drinking buddy. The truck's location is by Shopperia 4E, northwest of Glugswig location, after the interaction. Once arriving at Shopperia, if players pull out their map we will see a glowing tunnel that leads underground.

Entering the tunnel, players will encounter enemies and markers to follow that lead to the Glugswig truck. You will need to locate a grate with an opening that lets you find the truck. Interact with the truck to obtain the radium syrup. Once collected head back to Glugswig.

Diver Helmet
Diver Helmet / Photo courtesy by THQ Nordic

Glugswig will be excited once you give him the radium syrup, he will challenge you to a small mini-game of drinking; this is more of a quick-time event with button clicking. Once you beat him at his own game Glugswig will send you out to the Undersurf Hatch, where you will receive the Diver's Helmet.