BioShock Director's Next Game in 'Later Stages of Production'

Ghost Story Games is hiring a senior producer.
Ghost Story Games is hiring a senior producer. | Photo by Ghost Story Games/Take-Two

BioShock director Ken Levine's next game, an "immersive, sci-fi based FPS with RPG elements," is in the late stages of production, according to a job posting for his studio, Ghost Story Games.

Ghost Story Games currently employs fewer than 35 people and is seeking a senior producer to help work on the new game. The posting reveals little else about the game, but describes work conditions at Ghost Story Games as "known for having genuine open communication with a flat structure."

Levine transformed Irrational Games into Ghost Story Games in February 2017, cutting the studio from 90 employees to 15 in an attempt to refocus on games smaller than the blockbuster BioShock titles. Ghost Story remains a Take-Two subsidiary, as Irrational was before it.

Irrational released the last BioShock game, BioShock Infinite, in 2013.