Bjergsen Retires, Takes Up Head Coach Role for Team SoloMid

Bjergsen Retires, Takes Up Head Coach Role for TSM
Bjergsen Retires, Takes Up Head Coach Role for TSM / Courtesy of Riot Games

Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg retires as a pro player to take up head coach role for Team SoloMid. The news is announced through a heartfelt video commemorating the superstar's imprint on both TSM and the North American League of Legends scene.

Bjergsen, also part-owner of TSM, started his career with multiple organizations in Europe before moving to TSM end of 2013 to replace founder Andy "Reginald" Dinh, who shifted his focus to business full-time. In his seven seasons with the team, Bjergsen achieved six LCS trophies, four season MVP titles, an IEM trophy, five worlds qualification, and multiple all-pro team awards. Despite his dominance domestically, luck was not on Bjergsen's side during his international appearance. After winning 2020 LCS Summer Split, TSM's latest disappointment is failing to secure a single win in the World's group stage, making the team to be the first first-seeded team to go winless in Worlds history.

Over the course of eight years of his professional League of Legends career, Bjergsen rose to become a household name by being one of the most dominant and consistent mid laners in the region. As one of the earliest players to be imported to NA, Bjergsen elevated the level of competitiveness and talent which leaves a high benchmark for his peers and competitors. With this announcement, TSM will now be in the hunt for a new mid laner for 2021.