Black Desert Online Eternal Winter Release Date Information

Eternal Winter, the latest expansion for Black Desert, is set to arrive next month.
Eternal Winter, the latest expansion for Black Desert, is set to arrive next month. / Image courtesy of Pearl Abyss

The Black Desert Online Eternal Winter release date information is great news at the moment as the next expansion for the ever-popular fantasy MMORPG has a target window on the horizon.

A special Black Desert Eternal Winter pack remains available for pre-order now to those on PC, which will come with its own set of bonuses and discounts. Here's a breakdown of the Black Desert Eternal Winter expansion release date.

Eternal Winter Expansion Release Date Announced

The Eternal Winter expansion for Black Desert is set to release on April 6, 2022, Pearl Abyss announced March 10.

At the time of writing, the Eternal Winter Edition expansion pre-order pack is up for sale at a discounted price of $50 USD, which includes the exclusive Eternal Winter New Outfit Box, Eternal Winter New Pet, Eilton Storage +8 Expansion Coupon x2, Dragon's Blessing Box and more.

Otherwise, those who already own a Game Pass will be able to experience all the new content for free starting on April 6.

Eternal Winter will introduce a new class called Destroyer of Ynix.

Born fated to extinguish the flame, her thunder now roars throughout the Mountain of Eternal Winter.

Black Desert (2022)

Speaking of the Mountain of Eternal Winter, the new ice-cold, snowy region for the expansion will implement a new Frostbite debuff that slowly drains your health points if you "fail to warm yourself up."

The Mountain of Eternal Winter will reportedly come with four new monster zones, including two called Murrowak's Labyrinth and Jade Starlight Forest.

Winter Tree Fossils will be scattered around the perpetually snow-covered mountain. Interacting with these strangely beautiful-looking fossils will summon spirits consumed by unknown darkness.

Players will also be able to obtain a new crafting material called the Flame of Frost to craft the Lebraska’s Helmet, an item equal in status to the Fallen God’s Armor.