Black Ops Cold War February 26 Update Explained

Black Ops Cold War February 26 Update.
Black Ops Cold War February 26 Update. / Photo by Activision Blizzard/Treyarch.

A quick look at what is new in the Black Ops Cold War Feb. 26 update.

Season 2 has just gotten started in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, yet already it seems Treyarch has come out with a new update for the game. Here is what we know about it so far.

Black Ops Cold War February 26 Update Explained

Treyarch rolled out a bunch of new performance enhancements to all facets of Black Ops Cold War alongside the start of another Double XP Weekend. Here are a few of the most notable components to have come out in the game's most recent patch.


  • Performance

Addressed framerate performance issues across all platforms following on from the release of Season 2.



  • Raid

The developers have dealt with an issue that allowed players to stand just outside of the map which allowed players a clear view of the basketball court.

  • Garrison

Treyarch have also patched an issue on Garrison where players could capture the P3 hardpoint by standing just outside of the boundary.



  • Stability

The Treyarch devs have dealt with a number of stability issues that were plaguing the new Outbreak mode. These have been implemented to the Objectives, Hellhounds, Plaguehounds, Trials Machines, and the Dragon Relic.

They have also managed to patch some of the crashing issues that have been occuring in Outbreak.

  • Progression

Fixed an issue where players were receiving lower-than-intended XP bonuses at the end of an Outbreak match.

  • Gameplay

Addressed a number of enemy pathing issues that were appearing in the game. They have also managed to fix an odd glitch that was appearing that would lead to a loss of functionality to your parachute after going down due to fall damage.

  • Weapons

Treyarch have added a cap to the amount of splash damage that the Ray Gun and other such weapons can inflict on a player.

You can read the full rundown of the patch notes by clicking the link to Treyarch's website here.