Black Ops Cold War Floppy Disc Code: What is it?

Black Ops Cold War Floppy Disc Code: What is it?
Black Ops Cold War Floppy Disc Code: What is it? / Photo Courtesy of Activision

Black Ops Cold War floppy disc code has those that have played the campaign puzzled. To start, this article contains spoilers, so if you haven't played the campaign yet, now is your chance to turn away.

Operation Chaos in Black Ops Cold War requires you to collect three pieces of evidence so that you are able to decrypt a floppy disk and find the sleeper cell agents that are spread out across the United States. These three pieces of evidence are spread out across multiple missions, you must find them while on your missions in order to have any success at decrypting the code.

Black Ops Cold War Floppy Disc Code: What is it?

You need three pieces of evidence in order to decrypt the floppy disc, including a coded message that you can find on the mission "Nowhere Left to Run", a numbers station broadcast in "Brick in the Wall", and photo intel on "Greenlight". Once you have all of this information, you can decrypt the floppy disc.

Once you have all the information and you are back at the base, you can go to the computer in which you'll need to enter a code, passphrase and authentication code in order to access the information. Every code is going to be different and you'll need to do some investigative work in order to bypass security on the computer.

If you want the answer on how to get the codes we'll give you that now. Find the missing numbers on the coded message and match them with the numbers on the broadcast reel. The code is the four numbers you find on the coded message, and the passphrase is the city that matches your numbers on the broadcast reel. Lastly, look to the newspaper for your last piece of information, some letters will be highlighted in red, and when you take the letters and re-organize them, they should spell out the name of another city.

After all this that should pass you through all of the security on the computer and allow you to complete Operation Chaos.