Black Ops Cold War Leak Shows Dropshotting is Back

Black Ops Cold War leak shows dropshotting is back.
Black Ops Cold War leak shows dropshotting is back. / Activison

Black Ops Cold War leak shows dropshotting is back. Dropshotting used to be a popular mechanic for experience Call of Duty players as a way to safely secure kills. Players would, upon sighting an enemy, crouch on the ground and unload their bullets into the opponent, making it nearly impossible for your opponent to fight back as your hitbox would become lower to the ground in an instant. Aiming down sights while crouching was removed back in Black Ops 4 as players were forced to aim with hipfire while crouching, removing the effectiveness of dropshotting.

Dropshotting Makes A Return

A glitch in the alpha of Black Ops Cold War has revealed every attachment available for weapons, including the XM4 rifle, which has an attachment called the Dusty Handle. The Dusty Handle allows players to aim while going prone.

This seems to elude to dropshotting being brought back, but at the cost of a weapon attachment. For older Call of Duty players like me, bringing this back is very exciting as it was one of my favorite ways of playing Call of Duty. Treyarch intentionally bringing it back at the cost of a weapon attachment is extremely cool, and seems fair. Now, if every single player online is running Dusty Handle then that could be a problem, but until we see it in action we are going to remain excited.