Black Ops Cold War Mastery Camo: How to Unlock

Black Ops Cold War Mastery Camo unlock information has yet to be revealed.
Black Ops Cold War Mastery Camo unlock information has yet to be revealed. / Photo by Treyarch, Raven Software/Activision

Black Ops Cold War mastery camo is something that players have been anxiously awaiting information on how to unlock. With the game just around the corner, releasing on Nov. 13, many players may be upset with the lack of unlock info.

Even though we don’t have hard information on how to unlock the camo in the upcoming game, we can look to past challenges as an indicator of what players might have to do. Let’s look at what getting a mastery camo in Modern Warfare takes.

Black Ops Cold War Mastery Camo

In previous Call of Duty games, mastery camo could only be unlocked a single gun at a time. We can likely expect this restriction to be the same in Cold War. Before even unlocking the challenge for the mastery camo, players must first unlock every other camo for the gun, which means going through 10 different challenges.

Once a player unlocks the gold camo by unlocking every other camo available for the gun, they'll then be able to try to unlock mastery camo. Each weapon class has different requirements in Modern Warfare, but they are all grueling and will likely take a while. For SMGs, players must kill 15 enemies in a match 150 times. That’s at least 150 matches, even if one hits the 15-kill target in every single game.

Black Ops Cold War is set for release Nov. 13.