Black Ops Cold War Open Beta Schedule Revealed

Photo courtesy of Treyarch

The time to rejoice is now Call of Duty fans, the Black Ops Cold War beta is under way.

With new maps, modes, gameplay mechanic tweaks and more, here is what Treyarch has lined up for PlayStation 4 players this weekend.

Running from Thursday, Oct. 8 to Monday, Oct. 12, the first beta weekend is open exclusively to PlayStation 4 players.

Thursday, Oct. 8, and Friday, Oct. 9 are available to those who have received an early access code, either by pre-ordering Black Ops Cold War, winning one in Treyarch's Discord server, or requesting one as an Xfinity customer.

From Saturday, Oct. 10, to Monday, Oct. 12, the beta becomes open to all PS4 owners for free.

Six maps will remain in rotation throughout the weekend.

The alpha-tested Miami, Moscow, and Satellite are joined by Cartel to host the 6v6 game modes of Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and Domination. VIP Escort, a new 6v6 teamwork-heavy mode, will only be available after the opening two-day early access period.

For the 12v12 Combined Arms: Domination mode, Armada and Crossroads will be tested once again.

Plenty of other content will surely be revealed in the second beta weekend.

Not only do Xbox One and PC players get their first look at Black Ops Cold War, but the reportedly leaked maps, Black Sea and Tundra, could be officially revealed. Additionally, Control, Hardpoint and Combined Arms: Assault may be added to the game mode rotation.

The new 40-player Fireteam: Dirty Bomb mode, comprised of 10 four-player squads on large maps, is confirmed to be released during weekend two of the beta.