Black Ops Cold War Season 1: 5 Things We Want

Black Ops Cold War Season 1: 5 Things We Want
Black Ops Cold War Season 1: 5 Things We Want | Photo Courtesy of Activision

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is out and we already have five things we want to change this season. After the initial joy of another Call of Duty game being released, fans have been vocal about things that they want to be changed in Black Ops Cold War. We've seen the quick response to the MP5 already, and are looking forward to even more improvements. These are the top five things we want out of Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1: 5 Things We Want

1. More Maps

It's early and it is a big ask, but players get adjusted to maps quickly, and the tease of retro maps making a comeback makes the people want more. Give us these retro maps so we can bathe in nostalgia.

2. Skill Based Match Making

SBMM has been the talk of many players. It may just be because it's early, and higher-skilled players may not be ranked up yet. However, sometimes it seems like you're going up against pros, and even pros are having difficulty. So the SBMM needs to be lowered.

3. Visibility-Satellite/Cartel

Two areas come to mind when we think of the visibility for the maps. Satellite's dunes are hazy and are difficult to see overall, and the bushes in cartel basically make you invisible. This leads to prone campers just waiting in the bushes, which is really frustrating.

4. Slight Nerfs for Burst Weapons

Bursts have been very effective at range and have even been one shot in many scenarios without a headshot. A reduction in the strength of the bursts damage to the body should be input so it isn't one-shot.

5. Killstreaks at Garrison

There are issues with the roof on top of garrison that prevent killstreaks from being effective for 90% of the Garrison map. Might need to take the roof off or make some other adjustment to increase its effectiveness.

We've seen Activision react quickly to other issues the community had already, so let's hope the small tweaks keep up.