Black Ops Cold War SMG Tier List December 2020

Black Ops Cold War SMG Tier List December 2020
Black Ops Cold War SMG Tier List December 2020 / Photo Courtesy of Activision

Blacks Ops Cold War SMG Tier List December 2020 is important to know if you're going to keep dominating the game. Sometimes we all need a bit of guidance in choosing a weapon to main. It’s best to choose a gun you like and stick to it for a while so you can unlock attachments and customize the gun to your liking.

But a common concern for people is choosing a good gun. You don’t want to fall in love with a gun only to figure out that it’s trash. So here’s a quick list that’ll help you choose the right gun for you.

Black Ops Cold War SMG Tier List December 2020

S Tier - MP5

This gun is king right now, but we wouldn’t recommend putting all your eggs in this basket. It’s likely to get nerfed again soon, and we have no idea how severe those nerfs will be. However, if you just enjoy the gun, and aren’t looking to completely dominate every game then the MP5 may be the choice for you.

A truly classic gun
A truly classic gun / Photo Courtesy of Activision

A Tier - AK-74u and Bullfrog

Old timers who’ve been playing COD for years will remember the AK-74u from the original Black Ops. Well it’s back, and it seems like it’s just as good as it was before. There was a time when the AK74u was completely oppressive, stick a few attachments on it and you’d become a walking death machine. Activision learned their lesson quickly and rolled out balance patches to tone it down a little bit. That’s why it sits in the A-tier.

A weird one
A weird one / Photo Courtesy of Activision

B Tier - KSP-45

This gun is weird. We can all agree on that one. It’s not terrible, but when competing with guns like the AK74u and the MP5 there just doesn’t really seem to be a good place for the KSP-45 to shine. But if you like this gun then you can certainly make use of it with the right attachments and enough practice.

Just a trash fire
Just a trash fire / Photo Courtesy of Activision

C Tier - Milano 821

It’s bad folks. This gun is bad. Even if you like the Milano we can’t in good conscience recommend that anyone use it. You’ll just end up sad.