Black Ops Cold War Weapon Tier List November 2020

Black Ops Cold War Weapon Tier List November 2020
Black Ops Cold War Weapon Tier List November 2020 | Photo Courtesy of Activision

The Black Ops Cold War weapon tier list for November 2020 is here. With the new season being released all players are trying to rank up weapons left and right to see which one's are the best when you unlock all the attachments. To help make this decision easier for you, we have the complete list of weapon tiers so you can focus on ranking up the best weapons.

1. MP5, M16, AUG, AK-47, Bullfrog, Krig 6, Pelington 703

These are by far the most popular guns that you see in the game. Many of these guns have also been COD classics throughout the years, so it's not shocking to see some familiar names atop of this first tier. This tier is made up of all ARs, SMGs, and the Pelington Sniper.

2. FFAR 1, Milano 821, Hauer 77, LW3 Tundra, AK-74u, Type 63, XM4

This next set of guns is still used a good amount and can be very effective in game. The Hauer 77 is one of the better in this tier, and is the better secondary shotgun, giving you a possible one shot kill in close quarters.

Black Ops Cold War Weapon Tier List November 2020

3. M82, QBZ-83, RPD, Stoner 63, DMR 14, M60

This next tier is less commonly used primary weapons in multiplayer. The Stoner 63 specifically has a high recoil and the reload time is typically not worth leaving yourself vulnerable for 10 seconds or more.

4. Gallo SA12, KSP 45, Magnum, 1911, Diamatti,

This last tier is mostly made up of pistols, and includes the Gallo SA12, which is a semi-auto shotgun that does much less damage than the Hauer 77. You won't use any of these for primaries, but if you're looking to rank up a secondary weapon that isn't the Hauer, you're gonna have to play with one of these.

We'll see how these weapons are buffed and nerfed throughout the upcoming season. You never know what an update will do. Wouldn't be surprised if we see some of these weapons rise and fall as the updates come out.