Black Ops Cold War Zombies Leak Shows Off New Armor, Field Upgrades, More

Photo By Activision

Blacks Ops Cold War Zombies' leakers struck a gold mine, uncovering a bunch of cool features for the upcoming mode. The leak revealed new weapons, perks, armor, and even more additional features.

Zombies were first introduced in 2008 during World at War, and have always been a fan favorite amongst Call of Duty players. Black Ops Cold War is bringing Zombies in a way that players have never seen before. Two of the biggest additions are a brand new map as well as the opportunity for players to team up with their friends across all platforms for the first time ever.

Below is a brief synopsis of what we know so far. Brace yourselves.

Armor in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The Armor system implemented in Warzone is coming over to Zombies
The Armor system implemented in Warzone is coming over to Zombies / Photo By Activision

For the first time ever, players will be able to equip three armor plates to help combat the onslaught of Zombies. This is identical to how armor works in Warzone. The leaks also show that the armor in Zombies can be upgraded at various "armor stations" designated throughout the map.

The addition of armor and its boosted version mean that players will be stronger than ever while battling Zombies.

Perks in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Older leaks have spilled the beans on what perks to expect in Zombies, but even more leaks have made their way into the public's hands. The new perk is called Perk-a-cola in the game and it's referred to as "Elemental Pop."

Elemental Pop is brand new to Black Ops Cold War
Elemental Pop is brand new to Black Ops Cold War / Photo By Activision

This original perk will active another new item in the game, an Ammo Mod. Ammo Mods are brand new in Black Ops Cold War. There are four Ammo Mods in total and consuming this perk will boost performance in the game.

Here are the four Ammo Mods and how they are anticipated to work:

  • Cyrofreeze - Frost damage and slows enemies
  • Dead Wire - Electric damage and stuns enemies
  • Napalm Blast - Fire damage and burns Zombies
  • Brain Rot - Turns a Zombie into an ally

One of these four will be applied to the player's weapon and will alter the dynamic of the game moving forward. Pack-A-Punch was also adjusted to work with the new Ammo Mods.

Players utilizing Pack-A-Punch in Black Ops Cold War will be able to choose from the list, and will no longer be subject to RNG.

Field Upgrades in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Field Upgrades are the re-branded name for Specialists. They will work on a time-based recharge system. Unlike Black Ops 4, not all Field Upgrades will be offensive, some will be support based. There are six confirmed Field Upgrades and three more mentioned, but a specific release date for those three have not been announced according to the leaker.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Black Ops Cold War Zombies / Photo By Activision
  • Aether Shroud (Similar to plain sight, five-second duration)
  • Ring of Fire ( Ring will appear and boost damage for everyone, also can burn enemies)
  • Healing Aura (Heal yourself and teammates to full health within the area)
  • Frost Blast (Wind blast of frost damage, slows Zombies)
  • Energy Mine (Similar to Proximity mine)

The other three Field Upgrades mentioned are Lightning Links, Toxic Growth, and Frenzy Guard.

New Rune Upgrade System in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

If you aren't already in leak overload from all these gems, this may take you over the deep end. Runes will act as a fully new upgrade system. This means upgradings AATs, Perks, Field Upgrades, and Weapon Classes).

Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Black Ops Cold War Zombies / Photo By Activision

Each Perk, AAT, Field Upgrade, and Weapon Class has three upgrades. This is down to from the five that it used to be. However, that still means there are 72 upgrades that can be unlocked in Zombies. Minds are definitely in overload now.

The best part about the upgrades, once you unlock them, they remain permanent.


That was a whole lot of information. If you have made it this far into the story, congratulations. The bottom line is Black Ops Cold War Zombies is pulling out all the stops and looks like it is going to be the best version yet.