Black Ops Cold War Zombies Pack-A-Punch is Bugged

Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Black Ops Cold War Zombies / Photo courtesy of Treyarch

Black Ops Cold War Zombies is a game mode where layers kill hordes of zombies and try to survive as long as they can.

The Pack-A-Punch feature of the game mode allows players to upgrade any weapon for a hefty fee to make it more powerful and versatile. Weapons will also receive attachments like scopes to further improve your zombie-slaying abilities.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The most recent update to Black Ops Cold War has had an extremely unfortunate side effect. The Pack-A-Punch machine has a new bug that makes it useless and almost detrimental to anyone who tries to upgrade their weapons.

The bug was reported by a Reddit user who explained that after using the Pack-A-Punch, all of their attachments fell off their weapon and on to the floor. The Reddit user, Filtiarne, explained once the attachments fell to the floor the only thing they could do is stand and stare at them until they disappeared.

The bug will hopefully be fixed quickly. Not being able to upgrade your weapons in zombies is detrimental the longer you survive because the zombies continue to get stronger and take more shots to kill with standard weapons.

Even though the Pack-A-Punch is bugged, don't let it keep you from enjoying the holiday-themed Jingle Hells. And if zombies and a broken upgrade machine isn't your style, make sure you know how to unlock the Mac-10 and Groza.