Blade Potentially Added in Fortnite Patch v14.20

Marvel's "Daywalker" or Blade, could be added in Fortnite Patch 14.20
Marvel's "Daywalker" or Blade, could be added in Fortnite Patch 14.20 / Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite Patch Notes 14.20 show that Blade could be added to the lineup of Marvel characters already in the game. The vampire hunter has not been officially confirmed, but key details in the patch notes indicate that he is on his way.

Here is the hint that Epic Games dropped in the patch notes.

Fortnite Blade Addition?

Epic Games sent an email containing a small summary of the upcoming Fortnite Patch v14.20 and in it was a mysterious clue. Throughout the email, there were several letters highlighted in a different color. While it seemed like an odd error at first, when the letters were combined, they formed the word "Daywalker."

"Daywalker" is the nickname for Blade, a vampire hunter in the Marvel universe. Blade is not as popular as The Avengers or even Wolverine and the heroes from the X-Men series, but is still a fan favorite. Epic Games has neither confirmed nor released any teasers regarding Blade but players speculate that the character and a skin will make an appearance soon enough.