Blanche Pokemon GO: How to Defeat

Blanche Pokemon GO can be challenged once per day, along with the other Team Leaders. Here's how to defeat the Team Mystic Leader.

Blanche Pokemon GO: How to Defeat

Blanche is a Water and Ice type trainer, and as such will employ powerful Water and Ice type Pokemon against you. There are three tiers for this battle, each allowing you to use and fight stronger Pokemon.

Great League

Blanche will use Magikarp, Feebas, or Squirtle at this level which are all pure Water types. Just use any Grass type Pokemon like Venusaur and you'll make quick work of her.

Ultra League

For her Ultra League fight, she will start using Ice type Pokemon. She will have Alolan Ninetales (Ice/Fairy), Glalie (Ice), and Lapras (Water/Ice). Grass types won't work here, as they are weak to Ice. You'll have to use a strong Fighting or Fire type Pokemon here.

Master League

In the Master League fight, she will use Lapras again, and for some reason a Gliscor (Ground/Flying). She will also use her signature Articuno (Ice/Flying). The best way to take her on is a Tyranitar with Smack Down, which will make quick work of her. Just be careful with Lapras, as Tyranitar is weak to Water.

Blanche is a tough trainer, but if you use the right Pokemon with high CP you shouldn't have any troubles. Good luck!

Photo courtesy of Niantic.