Blasphemous Empty Bile Vessel: How to Fill the Vessel

Blasphemous empty Bile Vessel are a problem for players playing the 2D-platform game by The Game Kitchen. If you're a fan of Dark Souls, plus old-school side-scrollers, this game may be the perfect mash up.

Bile Vessels are the health potions of this series and you have two full Bile Vessels when you start the game.

Blasphemous Empty Bile Vessel: How to Earn More Vessels

To refill your used vessels, you need to find a Prie Dieu or if you die, you replenish any Bile Vessels you have on your dead body. The real question is how to earn more Bile Vessels.

The simple way is to farm side quests or to look at all vendors' inventory as they may sell one or two. Once you purchase or find an empty Bile Vessel, you need to visit a fountain of blood which is marked on your map with a jar of blood.

You can interact with the fountain and spend 500 Tears of Atonement (the cost increases each time you use it) to fill your empty Bile Vessel. Now, you'll have a new Bile Vessel that will replenish when you die or when you find a Prie Dieu.

Photo courtesy of The Game Kitchen