Blaze Kick Pokemon GO is a new trend taking over for Pokemon GO Community Day, with the next one coming Sunday.

Pokemon GO Community Day unites players as The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs implements limited time content. "Get out and play together in your local community parks on Pokémon GO Community Day. For just a few hours each month, you can encounter a special Pokémon in the wild," The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs said in the press release.

Here are all the details available for the upcoming Pokemon GO Community Day.

Blaze Kick Pokemon GO: Community Day Allows Trainers to Teach Blaziken a Special Move

Pokemon GO Community Day (May 19) - 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET

  • Featured Pokemon: Torchic
  • Exclusive Move: Blast Burn (Blaziken Only)
  • Bonus: 3x Catch Stardust
  • Bonus: Three Hour Lures

Players must evolve their Combuskens during the Community Day to have their eventual Blazikens know Blast Burn. They will be able to evolve Combusken up to one our after the event concludes.

Additionally, players will be able to use TMs to teach their Blazikens Blaze Kick.

Pokemon GO Community Day takes place 3-6 p.m. ET Sunday.

Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company/Niantic Labs